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DJI is Using Drones to Help in the Fight Against Coronavirus: Spraying Drones Disinfect Public Spaces

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DJI’s Agras spraying drone The ways in which drones can be used for good just keeps expanding.  The world’s largest drone manufacturer DJI has published an article describing how the company is modifying spraying drones to assist public health officials in China in the fight against the coronavirus. The coronavirus has become a major health […]

Flirtey Granted Patent for Automated Parachute Safety System

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Drone delivery specialist Flirtey has been granted a patent that the company says will “enhance its fundamental technology”. The patent refers to an automatic parachute deployment system to support drone flights and aerial deliveries being carried out safely. The patent recognizes the ability of a drone’s technology to detect an error in operation while in […]

French Drone Company Covers Democratic Debates

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Courtesy: Elistair Last month’s Democratic presidential debate may have been divisive to many American voters, but one issue without debate is the crystal-clear aerial footage provided by drone company Elistair. During the Jan. 14 televised debate, the company’s tethered drone system provided 13 hours of live footage on CNN at Drake University in Iowa. With […]

SkyWatch.AI and Starr Insurance Companies Launch Drone Insurance in Canada

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Image by Webagentur Meerbusch from Pixabay SkyWatch.AI is drone insurance for skilled professional operators – providing drone insurance that not only offers a sophisticated risk analysis platform, but also allows pilots to reduce their costs as they establish a safety record. SkyWatch’s differentiators include their flexibility – pilots can receive liability coverage by hour, month, […]

The Commercial Drone Industry: Bubble Burst, or Billion Dollar Industry? What the Data Says

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Answering questions about a new industry is challenging: data can be hard to come by.  Media guesses range from “game over” to “billion dollar growth industry.”  That’s why DroneDeploy’s industry report has value: with a five year history and a robust client list, the leading drone mapping platform is in a position to gather data […]