Flyability Flies Into the US with a New Office and A User Conference


DroneLife:   It is exciting that you are moving more aggressively into North America.  Why now?  Why is Flyability choosing this as the right time to further expand into the U.S.?

Johan Mlouka (JM): We have been talking for some time  about the possibility to open offices in the USA to support better the most important market to our company. With sustained demand from our US customers following the launch of our Elios 2 , it was only a natural time to finally bring this idea into a reality. “

DL:  Do you have existing clients here?  What type of applications are they using Flyability for?

JM:  “The USA is our largest market today, with hundreds  of our drones already deployed in a wide range of industry. From nuclear plants, refineries, chemical plants and water management system, our clients are using our drone wherever it is complicated, costly and dangerous to send humans. “

DL:  Realizing that it is hard to do everything everywhere where is your current base and where do you see your growth coming from?

JM: “We are proud to be Swiss born and Swiss Based, where there is a very efficient ecosystem in place for tech start-ups to bring innovative products and services globally. We have so far addressed a very small portion of the market of inspection drones, a market still in its infancy. We believe there is a lot of potential still in Europe and North America, and a lot of room for growth in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle-East.” 

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